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Composer. I make music. Different kinds of music. "I don't stick to any one genre" kind of music. Hit-or-miss music. Audio experiments abound here

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I give to ye all a brand new update since so much has changed since my last one.

A lot of it involves failed plans and ideas, but from that failure sprang new ideas which have set me on an alternate path on the road to my final destination of a future shaped by Transhumanism and devoid of poverty. In short, a peaceful revolution. To Transhumanists and Non-Transhumanists alike, my form of Transhumanism may not match yours, so don't make any assumptions.

You know, I'll just share what my goals as a Transhumanist are, to keep people from guessing and to get it on record.

(Also yes, Transhumanism will indeed sound funny or weird the more often you say it. Just like any word, really.)

Call me an idealist if you want, but anything that is physically possible can happen. If something is not known to be impossible, then it is still possible. My instinct when someone says something is impossible is to reject it until I know why, until every hypothetical scenario of a possibility being impossible can be proven. There may be a 1 in 350,000,000 chance of someone having the ability to make something that once seemed impossible. That still leaves the possibility of it being me, or you, or anyone else of making it, and that is enough of a chance to try to make it if it's something you want to do or is important to you.

I believe there are certain technological, environmental, scientific, humanitarian, etc., points of progression that need to be met before a societal revolution can occur. Maybe when safe human flight is made readily available for all members of society is one. Maybe the development of 3D printers to the point where they might as well be called replicators is another. Maybe cybernetics that are able to improve our physical traits beyond our limits, or add new ones. Maybe newly discovered medicines that are easy enough to make by yourself. Maybe a water filtration device that is able to remove all pollutants from any body of water.

I could go on and on. I believe that if we as a species need to adapt to the planet, and stop exploiting it. I believe that all living beings should have the same right to live and die in peace. I believe that all human beings should take accountability for their actions and the aftermath. Those who are exploiting must be stopped, and those who are being exploited should be saved.

I believe they are all possible, and no matter how hard it is to do something it is worth it if it is something you are passionate about. My Transhumanist views do not include a monetary system, and were inspired by the concept of a Resource Based Economy, a concept introduced as far as I'm aware by Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project.


We are on a land of plenty that is siphoned to the few, and I want to do what I can to change things for the better.

I have already made some attempts but have not met with success. I can blame no one but myself for not doing enough research to succeed, but I'm never going to give up on the future.

I stayed in Oregon for a while and coordinated with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to get a Placer mining claim to a 20 acre parcel of land. I fooled myself into thinking I could turn that into the foundation for a new community, but I am just one person, and my assumptions on what I could do with the land were incorrect. Long story short I had to abandon that plan. I had been living in my car the entire time and staying there on site, so now I had to figure out my next plan.

Though my father and I often butt heads on things, he is still kind enough to provide me with a place to stay while I figure things out, so I definitely am grateful of him. Unfortunately, he may not feel comfortable in the community that I am trying to grow or any commune that I might try to build. Some thought must be put into his future, so that my gratitude can be expressed. Maybe I could build him a retirement home somewhere. Some of my research has been in Architecture, but I have barely even touched materials science yet. Being able to know what materials you can use in whatever way for whatever reason seems essential in building a community.

I believe in Technological Revolution. I believe we have to make our own salvation, for we can't buy, elect, or pray for one and expect results. I know I'm just one person without much influence or resources or wealth, but I'll find a way to make things work. Somehow.

And as a future investment for the community, I have secured some land. I'll be making payments towards the purchase of a ten acre parcel of land in Nova Scotia, and will have the deed in 3 years time. Everything has been done online, so I have not visited the site so far, so I don't have guarantees about how nice it is or anything, but I saw a rare opportunity to get a large, off-the-grid site for the community to work with, so I took it.

Anywah, that gives me and anyone else who wants to join the community 3 years to plan, prepare, design, build, etc., whatever it takes to to make this community come to be, before the deed is officially in my hands. There's too many things I'm bad at to figure everything out all on my own, so I do hope that we can be a community whose strengths can compensate for each others' weaknesses.

Anywah, on a more personal level, I am trying to adjust to a new schedule and routine to more efficiently get things done. A lot of researching, reading, and learning new things, but I will also resume composing music from time to time, as it's something I do enjoy doing.

Links to my Discord for the community and my Bandcamp for music in my profile for those interested.

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