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Hello! I haven't been coming to this website for a while, and don't know if that's going to be the norm in the future, but for those who have found me here, I'll at least give an update to provide some insight as to what to expect from me from this point on:

I will not be making any more music for the foreseeable future. To put it simply, though it's something I have enjoyed doing, it is not something that I foresee will be of any use in sustaining myself any time soon. I have put a lot of time, effort and resources into a music career that does not appear to have a chance of bearing any real fruit in the future, so I am just going to stop feeding into it and focus more on something that I think will actually provide some real benefit going forward from now on.

In my prior post, I talked about my aspirations for the development of a Transhumanist community in Nova Scotia. There are a number of things that I am doing for that goal, a lot of researching different topics and whatnot, but as far as what is specifically relevant to this site in general, I have been learning how to use and become proficient in Blender. I believe that if I'm going to be developing a community, being able to physically design a community would obviously be helpful for that goal. That, and being able to design or reverse engineer anything in a 3D space in general will offer many different possibilities for the kind of future I am aiming for, and provide many more opportunities for me to be able to sustain myself than my attempts in music ever could.

Honestly, I don't know if there's anything that I'll be putting on Newgrounds anymore. There are naturally many uncertainties that my choices will bring along with them, and the mediums with which I share my exploits with are among those uncertainties. GreyHooves started as my pony avatar which came from my brony days, and became my composer identity, but I no longer feel the connection to either of those things that I once had anymore.

If you want to keep up to date with what's going on with me, and you don't mind stream of consciousness shitposts, you can follow my twitter. You can also join my discord if you want to stay updated or get involved in the community that I mentioned, but I'll also mention that if you're looking for a more active Discord, that's not something I'm particularly skilled at doing.

Until next time, this is GreySleeves, signing off


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